Michael Orwick
Flooded Fields   H 36in x W 36in Oils

Kate Steiger
Emperor's Garden   H 24in x W 24in Mixed Media

Angela Bandurka
Me and Mom   H 18in x W 14in Acrylics

Pam Ingalls
Finlay   H 12in x W 9in Oils

Gary Leake
Nature's Spirit   H 30in x W 38in x D 14.88in Table

Michelle Waldele-Dick
Swallowtail and Green Glass   H 14in x W 11in Oils

Michelle Waldele-Dick
Treasures from the Seas   H 16in x W 20in Oils

Andy Eccleshall
Sweep   H 12in x W 24in Oils

Denise Cole - Oils
Muffins and Marmelade   H 12in x W 16in Oils

Iris Scott Embellished Giclee
Shakin' Off the Blues Embellished Giclee Print   H 36in x W 36in Oils

Cary Jurriaans
Penn Cove Mussels   H 10in x W 16in Oils

Pam Ingalls
Blue Bath II   H 11in x W 14in Oils